The History of Stock


The first genuine stock markets were created in the 1500s in a city in Belgium called Antwerp. Early stock markets were normally called Beurzen, named after the family that started the stock market system. Bruges, Flanders, Ghent, and Rotterdam (all located in the Netherlands) also had their own stock market systems in the 1400s and 1500s.

The World's First Publicly Traded Company:

The world’s first publicly traded company was the East India Company. The East India Company explored the mysteries of the East. The East India Company also mapped routes through uncharted territory's. The East India Company introduced tea to Britain and India. The East India Company's first voyage was in February of 1601. The voyage was led by James Lancaster. The East India Company’s ships first arrived in India (at the port of Surat,) in 1608.


Before investors yelled across trade floors and threw order forms in the air, they did their business in coffee shops. The early stock certificates were handwritten on small pieces of paper.

Important Moments in Stock History:

Major Stock Market Crashes: