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Made with a tutorial from CoderDojoNano, AjMcNano is a platform game where you are trying to avoid the Evil Robots at all cost's. Press space to jump over the evil robots. Increase your score to 100 to win!

AjMcBreakout is the first game made with only Javascript and HTML that I have made. AjMcBreakout is based off of Atari Breakout, and the goal is to bounce the ball at the bricks and make them disappear. Once all of the bricks are gone, you win. But if the ball touches the bottom of the screen three times, you lose. Good Luck!

StockMan was built in 2019, and was built for a school project. StockMan shows live stock prices of Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Smartsheet, and PagerDuty. StockMan also teaches you how to buy stock. You can also learn information about the 1929 Stock Market Crash. At the very end there is a quiz. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, has gotten 100% on the quiz (not even the maker 😉). Whoever gets every question right will be recognized in this website.

The Chemical Laptop website was built in 2018 for a science project about space. The Chemical Laptop was built by NASA to find life on other planets. The Chemical Laptop look's like a very old laptop. Chemical Laptop explains what Amino and Fatty acids are, how the Chemical Laptop works, and what it is. Unlike StockMan, there is no quiz in this website.

Magic 8 Ball was built with javascript and is the first game that ajmcweb has ever built. Magic 8 Ball is a digital Magic 8 Ball. If you have never used a Magic 8 Ball, a Magic 8 Ball is a ball that gives you a random yes or no answer when you ask it any yes or no question.

Hangman was also built with javascript and was the second game that ajmcweb.com built. To play Hangman, a message will pop up with your progress (which is no letters at the beginning of the game). Then, you guess a letter. If your letter was right, the letter will be added to your progress. Good luck!

P.S. ask the Magic 8 Ball if you will win 😀!

Learn-to-Code was built in 2018. Learn-to-Code © helps you learn how to code. You will use HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to build a website about Minecraft (Which everyone likes.)

Games was made in 2017 and includes games like Space Destiny, Worlds Hardest Game, and Tank Wars. All of the games were made in a program called Tynker. Tynker is a lot like Scratch. These games were the first ones I ever made, so they are not that good. But... thanks for reading this. If you are, I am very surprised.


Parkour is the first website that I have ever built. Parkour is based off of a book called "CoderDojo Nano: Build Your Own Website Create With Code." Parkour teaches you about the history of Parkour, how to do it, and what competitors were in season 2 of American Ninja Warrior. WARNING: This site has beginners CSS, so it may look bad.